• The taste of nature

    Living in harmony with nature: our ancestors’ secret for a long and healthy life. taste it. Indulge yourself with delicious honey treats. You’ll enjoy every bite.

    For you
  • The scent of harmony

    A warm welcome. Melt to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Just feel the harmony of body and mind. Create an unforgettable experience. It’s time for new memories.

    Your home
  • The touch of love

    Create unforgettable stories. Become a part of people’s lives and everlasting memories. Build lasting bonds. Steal their hearts by showing them you care.

    Gifts for that special moments
with love
100% Organic ingredients
Traditional arts & crafts
Made in Slovenia, EU
  • Scented Energy candle – Infinity

    12,00 120,00  Tax included
  • Scented Energy candle for peace – Triglav

    15,00 120,00  Tax included
  • I love you in a frame

    10,00 20,00  Tax included
  • Infinite honey pleasures

    40,00  Tax included
  • Gingerbread of the Divine being

    20,00  Tax included

The family business Perger 1757 has a longstanding collaboration with the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia. Their products are handmade in the masterful-gingerbread-pastry-candle workshop with a long tradition. The Slovenian arts and crafts products are high quality and meet the requirements of the cultural-historical and ethnographic perspective. We were enthusiastic about all the products that we have been introduced to during our cooperation. They are beautiful, packed in elegant packaging and suitable for a range of gifts and opportunities. The gifts that we have presented as protocol gifts of the Republic of Slovenia have been accepted everywhere, both at home and abroad, with great gratitude. We note with satisfaction that our cooperation is successful and correct, as they are always very dedicated and immediately comply with our wishes.

Ksenija BenedettiChief of Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia

Welcome to BIOFACH 2018!

It is an honour for us to have a privilege to invite you at BIOFACH 2018 Nürnberg. We are very proud to announce a few novelties in our asortiment and you should not miss them. Make sure you do not miss our products at the Novelty stand too. Please visit us in the hall 4A […]

4th. Conference of the family business

Family companies are extremely important in the global economy. In Slovenia, for example, family businesses account for more than two-thirds of the total added value of the Slovenian economy. Because our family company is always ready for cooperation, networking, learning and knowledge sharing, our Hrabro and  Lucian will be speakers at the 4th. Conference of the family business, which is […]

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