Experience Honey Heaven

Marvel at the 250-year heritage of the crafts of honey confectionery, honeybread making and chandlery and, for a moment, join in the unique family story not simply about honeybread hearts but the lives of all of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

From 1757 through till today

During this guided tour, you’ll go on a journey through the rich history of the Perger family, learn about how the organic honey candies are made, as well as the delicious honey-dough biscuits, the famous honeybread hearts, and the energy candles that are unique in the world by following the original, family-owned procedures dating back to 1757.

The tasting of a honey drink made according to an Old-Slavic recipe will recreate a true medieval atmosphere, while our wide selection of honey delicacies, including the award-winning honey-dough biscuits and organic honey candies, will make your taste buds buzz.

Stories are like a ‘living book’

Enjoy listening to family secrets and adventures presented to you in a humorous way by our ‘living book’, master Hrabroslav himself. The Perger family’s knowledge and skills have all been passed from one generation to another – currently to the ninth generation of our family-owned company – so the stories about the various generations will leave you in awe, give you a good laugh, and inspire respect.

Impressions from the experience

A tragic story with a happy ending

On that fatal day, the Perger's younger son, Hrabroslav, was really angry at his older brother Mitja for catching flies and bees in a match box for later use in ‘battles’. “You rascal!”, Hrabroslav jumped up and chased after his mischievous brother. But, just then, their mother Ljuba and their father Rudi were starting to move a large cauldron, filled with a scorching hot candy mass. The cauldron fell onto the floor and... the boiling mass spilled everywhere, including a little on poor Hrabroslav. Luckily, his father rescued him quickly enough to save him from coming to a ‘sweet’ end. Hrabroslav’s was kept out of harm’s way, albeit covered in molten sugar, and he enjoys telling this story even today. With his mouth full of candy, of course!


Impressions from the experience

Praiseworthy creations

Experiencing Honey Heaven also means admiring the many masterpieces the diligent hands of Perger family members have made from honey dough, beeswax and also sugar. The Honey Heaven experience includes a special exhibition – besides many world attractions, there is an enormous Hansel and Gretel house made from delicious honey-dough biscuits and honey candies. Our youngest visitors are always the most enthusiastic about this wonderful creation.


Impressions from the experience

Unique production processes

Get to know some of the Perger family’s production secrets and processes. Our energy candles are made using special procedures that date back to the Early Middle Ages. The production of genuine wax candles using the pouring technique is one of the oldest wax-making procedures that entails several tasks: pouring of the wax around the wick, forming the candle tip, the final pouring etc. In this time-consuming procedure, more than 500 squats are required to make an energy candle of an average size/thickness.

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Items of Honey Heaven across the world

The Perger family’s masterpieces have touched many people’s hearts all over the world, including famous people from cultural, sports, spiritual and political spheres.


An energy candle names Infinity with 24-carat gold addition was a highly appreciated gift at the wedding of Donald and Melania Trump.


Pope John Paul II received as a gift the largest energy candle, named Infinity


A visit by Luciano Pavarotti and purchase of a 40-kg candle named Triglav.


A chess set made from honeybread, originally made in memory of Rudi Perger, was presented as a gift to the world chess grand master Gari Kasparov.


The Energy Heart was a much appreciated gift for the Dalai Lamawho, as an expression of gratitude, wrote a special note in our memorial book.


His Holiness Sai Baba received the Energy Heart as a gift and was so enthusiastic about it that he had his ashram decorated based on the heart design.


The energy candle for peace, named Triglav, was presented as a gift to the German President Joachim Gauck.

Nelson Mandela

From the moment he received the Perger protocol gift Nelson Mandela became a great admirer of our products. The visit by Queen Elizabeth could not pass without a gift from Slovenia.


Pope Benedict XVI placed the energy candle for peace, named Triglav, in his official residence, the Papal Palace in Vatican.


Dr. Janez Drnovšek adored Perger’s honey-dough biscuits. The well-considered mix of spices and Slovenian herbs picked especially for him remain a top secret today.

True shopping experience

Our shop, which is designed like a genuine honey confectioner’s stand as our ancestors used, is a true feast for the eyes and the palate – for all those who love delicious honey products and unique little mementos that are able to win over anyone’s heart.

  • Since we are aware you are the heart of our Honey Heaven experience, all of our visitors receive special discounts on our prices.

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Important information and the Honey Heaven programme

Recommended duration:
1.5–2 hours

Recommended no. of people:
2 - 50 people per tour

Entrance fee (guided tour and tasting):
adults EUR 8, children EUR 5.

Honey Heaven programme

  • Welcome reception
  • The bell of secret desires
  • Presentation of the craft, the family’s stories and secrets (‘living book’)
  • Tasting
  • Video-presentation of production processes
  • Exploring unique honey and honeycomb creations
  • Visit to the shop where products can be purchased
  • Taking of a group photo
  • Final part of the trip – a world attraction for animal lovers


Unique live presentation

Honey snacks and drink tasting

Guided visit to the museum and gallery

An authentic shopping experience

Team building for companies

More than 100,000 visitors

We can’t believe something like this exists in Slovenia. We are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Dobrna Tourist Society

With all respect, we are thankful for this wonderful experience and unique presentation. You have created a beautiful day for all of us, people with disabilities, and given us new strength.

Radeče Society of Disabled People

Honey Heaven is a wonderful experience! Congratulations! An aesthetic pleasure that invites you to come back again and again.

Cvetka from Ljubljana

Honey Heaven really has a soul and a heart. Only a poet would be able to properly express the feelings of a person experiencing the Perger family’s unique story. Thank you for preserving Slovenia’s national heritage!

Andrej Barle from Velenje

You evoke true happiness and heartiness. This is felt in every one of your moves and words, as well as in your exceptional, truly beautiful products. I believe in your story!

Livija from Zagorje

A wonderful story, sincerity and true passion – this rare combination really fascinated me. Thank you for sharing this with us today. Thank you for making our day. I also wish you success in the future.

Maja from Hrpelje

A destination that never ceases to amaze me. I was left in awe by the breath-taking beauty of your products. Sincere congratulations!

Stanka Tamše

Where love intertwines with art and spirituality, such beautiful things are born.

Northern Primorska Secretaries and Business Assistants Club

Originality, strongly felt dedication to the profession, and a unique presentation are the main reasons for us visiting your house every year.

Idrija Rural Women’s Society

A truly unique experience! You will not find this anywhere else. Amazing family stories and creations by Slovenian hands are like a composition of spiritual satisfaction.

Miran from Slovenske Konjice

42 locals of Mengeš were enraptured by your welcome reception and presentation. True congratulations – we’ll be happy to tell others to visit you as well as listen to and taste the genuine Slovenian tale!

Jože Vahtar, Mengeš Tourist Society

I wanted to organise something special for my friends to celebrate my 60th birthday. Their words that this was the most beautiful experience they could have ever imagined really made me happy. Listening to your stories, tasting and admiring your works of art are really priceless. Thank you very much for this outstanding experience.

Nada Hojak

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How to find us?

  • If you arrive from the direction of Ljubljana and Velenje, take the main road past the Mercator Shopping Centre (on your left) until you reach a roundabout.
  • When in the roundabout where the Hofer store is located, take the first exit towards Krope-Legen.
  • Drive uphill for a while (about 200 m) and go left at the first turn. Park in the parking lot in front of the former Bellevue restaurant – Perger’s Honey Heaven is right across the road. You can walk there together with your guide.
  • If you arrive from the direction of Maribor and Dravograd, take the main road past the Spar Shopping Centre (on your left) until you reach a roundabout.
  • When in the roundabout where the Hofer store is located, take the third exit towards Krope-Legen.
  • Drive uphill for a while (about 200 m) and go left at the first turn. Park in the parking lot in front of the former Bellevue restaurant – Perger’s Honey Heaven is right across the road. You can walk there together with your guide.

We also recommend:

The Koroška region covers an area of three valleys, namely Mežiška, Dravska and Mislinjska, and three mountain ridges, namely Pohorje, Karavanke and Savinjske Alpe, all of which give the landscape a feeling of primeval originality and sturdiness.

The Koroška region covers an area of three valleys, namely Mežiška, Dravska and Mislinjska, and three mountain ridges, namely Pohorje, Karavanke and Savinjske Alpe, all of which give the landscape a feeling of primeval originality and sturdiness. With slightly over 1,000 sq km and a population of more than 74,000, it is one of the smaller Slovenian regions. The unspoilt mountainous nature and forests, including a broad network of mountain roads and trails, offer many possibilities for exploring the area. Equally beautiful and enthralling are stopovers along the way where visitors are greeted by robust but good-natured and hospitable local people. Whenever you decide to visit Koroška, first stop off at our Honey Heaven (polinkati) and then proceed to some other tourist spots that we also warmly recommend:

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Kope and the ‘Holcerija’ humorous entertainment show

Spend some leisure time in nature at Kope, go for a walk through the Pohorje forests, pause for a while at the energy points and experience an unforgettable humorous show where you try yourself at old forestry chores while using obsolete traditional tools, and are hosted by a local comic and a true ‘holcer’ (forester) from the Pohorje plateau.
In 2017, the Holcerija show received the SILVER AWARD of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for innovation.

The town of Slovenj Gradec

Slovenj Gradec is an ideal destination not only for hikers and cyclists but also for tourists , as it is a starting point for many trips that can be customised to your needs. We recommend a walk through the medieval town centre, a visit to one of the museums, and a visit to a unique archaeological monument – the Church of St. George.

The Peca underground world

Come and take a ride on a genuine mining train into the underground world underneath Mt. Peca where King Matjaž is still asleep, deep into the heart of the mountain, and get to know a few mining secrets.

Klančnik Farm

In their old vaulted wine cellar, you’ll be offered rural culinary treats and listen to an interesting presentation of life and work on the farm. Hop on a tourist train and visit a deer-breeding facility where you’ll also see a rich collection of hunting trophies and a real biology classroom. Upon returning to the farm, you may also visit a cattle barn.

Koroška rafters on the Drava River

Male and female rafters will welcome you with an accordion and a smile in the rafters’ wharf in Gortina, located in the Municipality of Muta. They foster an old tradition of rafting on the Drava River, except that their cargo on the raft is no longer wood, but tourists seeking entertainment.