Since 1757 we manually produces beeswax candles in loving collaboration with the Slovenian bees. The beeswax is additionally enriched with essential honey oil, which is family innovation and it is unique in the world. 800 kilo honey are needed for one litre of this oil. The scent of these candles is simply infatuating…. The use of Energy candle is the knowledge of space purifying for improved human well being, who tends to rise own body and mind to divine cognition through meditation to knowledge of oneself to complete happiness, also named love…

  • Floating Energy candle – Golden heart

    0,00 50,00  Tax included
  • Scented Energy candle – Infinity

    12,00 120,00  Tax included
  • Scented Energy candle for peace – Triglav

    15,00 120,00  Tax included