Honey liqueur in exclusive packaging, including a dram glass

Alc: 35 VOL %

The original Perger honey liqueur is enriched with healing lavender, royal jelly and propolis. With its unique flavour, fragrance and colour, it restores strength and self-confidence to those who are weary, drained or nervous.
Not many people have the privilege and chance to get to know all the secrets of this drink because it is only made in limited quantities. Enjoy it in good company.
Design: Oskar Kogoj

Options: natural or blue colour

12.5 cm

Φ = 5.5 cm

16 cm

Φ = 7 cm

Velikosti Clear


Several types of premium Slovenian forest and flower honey from the purest areas in the Koroška, Dolenjska and Štajerska regions, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, 16 Slovenian herbs, a mixture of natural spices for Perger honey-dough biscuits and water from the depths of the spring beneath Mt. Peca, the land of the legendary King Matjaž.

The power of nature: 35 VOL %

The Minister of Health warns: The consumption of alcohol may be harmful to your health!