Candy package for a sore throat

No lactose

No gluten

No gelatine

When you have a cold, a cough or a sore throat, our herbal lozenges made from pine tips are especially recommended. Enjoy a combination of organic honey, pine tips, fresh ginger and other treasures of nature.


A special pack of 3 in 1!


14,99  11,99 

Candies like our grandmothers knew!

Delicious and Slovenian

Not only carefully selected natural ingredients and Slovenian in origin, but also genuine flavours that are just the way they were in the good old times.

The procedure has been a family secret for over 250 years

The candies are made according to unique production procedures we have learnt from our ancestors. Most production procedures date back to 1757.

Handmade with love

From the first to the last production phase, these delicious candies are made by the dedicated, skilful and diligent hands of the Pergers.