Ginger & honey organic candies


No lactose

No gluten

No gelatine

Enjoy the unique combination of fresh ginger, delicious organic honey and other fruits of nature that cater to even the most demanding of tastes.


Parents approve, children adore!

Delicious and Slovenian

Not only carefully selected natural ingredients and Slovenian in origin, but also the wide variety of fruity flavours enchants the youngest and their parents alike.

The procedure has been a family secret for over 250 years

The candies are made according to unique production procedures we have learnt from our ancestors. Most production procedures date back to 1757.

Handmade with love

From the first to the last production phase, these delicious candies are made by the dedicated, skilful and diligent hands of the Pergers.

Why are they so popular?

100% natural

The candies are coloured solely by the fruits of nature, namely organic beetroot, turmeric and spirulina.

Genuine ginger, not its aroma

We peel the root of fresh ginger, dry it appropriately and then add honey to it. The dried natural ginger is then used to produce our candies.

Low in calories

With only 115 kcal per 70 g, the Perger candies are at the pinnacle of low-calorie sweet indulgence.

Honey and less sugar

To make organic candies we use 15% less unrefined cane sugar, whereas premium organic honey is used as a sweetener.
Honey is ‘gold’ with many beneficial healing properties, so it is no wonder that we also use it as sweetener for our candies.

No preservatives

As we respect nature and lead a healthy lifestyle, we don’t use any preservatives in the production.

Separate production

Our candies are produced in special separate premises as they do not contain gluten and are thus suitable for people with celiac disease.


unrefined cane sugar*, glucose syrup*, water, gelling agent: pectin from citrus fruits, honey*, acidifier: citric acid, powdered ginger 0.5%*.

*organically produced

Nutrition value:

Average nutritional value per 100 g of product:

energy value

697 kJ/164 kcal


Of which saturated fat

0 g

0 g


Of which sugars

40 g

39 g


1 g


0,016 g

The salt content is due to naturally occurring sodium.