Honey moments


Since we know that baking honey-dough biscuits is not so easy and that Internet recipes fail too often, resulting in biscuits that don’t look like the picture, we have prepared for you our organic honey dough to help you bake fragrant and soft honey-dough biscuits in just 5 minutes! Baking honey-dough biscuits is fun for the whole family and our honey dough will help you create biscuits attracting praise from those lucky enough to be served with them.

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Without any eggs, milk or oil

People with allergies can easily enjoy the taste of our award-winning organic honey-dough biscuits as they come without any eggs, milk or oil.

Selected organic ingredients

Enriched with organic honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, selected Slovenian herbs and premium-quality Slovenian whole-grain flour produced by the Vila natura organic farm.

Fast and simple

Their preparation is simple: simply roll the dough out, cut it into the desired shapes and soon your kitchen will be alive with the aroma of delectable honey-dough biscuits.

Fun for the whole family

There’s nothing more exciting than creating, baking and decorating excellent honey-dough biscuits that is fun for the whole family.

Long shelf life

You can keep the organic honey dough in open packaging in your refrigerator for more than 6 months.


We are proud to announce that our organic honey dough was given the prestigious '2017 Top Innovative Food' award.


whole-grain wheat flour*, unrefined cane sugar*, water, honey*, spices*, pollen*, dried propolis*, royal jelly*.
**from a controlled organic farm. Controlled by SI EKO 004.

Contains allergen - gluten.

Nutritional value

Average nutritional value per 100 g of product:

energy value:

1391 kJ/333 kcal


of which saturated fat:

1,5 g

0,3 g


of which sugars:

76,9 g

33 g


8,1 g


0,002 g

The salt content is due to naturally occurring sodium.