Symbol of Divine being since the dawn of time 3 in 1

3 x 7 pcs.

Taste the harmony with nature – the secret of our ancestors for a long and healthy life.

We have refined the thousand-year-old form with the best gifts of nature.

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Without any eggs, milk or oil

People with allergies can easily enjoy the taste of our award-winning organic honey-dough biscuits as they come without any eggs, milk or oil.

Exclusive packaging

Packed in exclusive, handmade packaging created especially for these honey-dough biscuits.

No additives or preservatives

Our honey-dough biscuits come without any additives or preservatives. The secret lies in resting of the dough as it is placed in over 250-year-old oak barrels for 60 days and only then is it ready to be baked.

Suitable as a business gift

Honey-dough biscuits are a perfect gift for business partners, and you can also add a personal note. Because you care, show them that you appreciate them.

Design: Oskar Kogoj

Exclusive honey-dough biscuits are the outcome of the Perger family’s cooperation with the designer Oskar Kogoj.


several types of whole-grain flour, premium-quality Slovenian honey, Slovenian herbs, unrefined cane sugar, glucose syrup, royal jelly, propolis, pollen and water from the depths of the spring beneath Mt. Peca, the land of the legendary King Matjaž.

It contains allergen – gluten.

Nutritional values

Average nutritional value per 100 g of product:

energy value

1391 kJ/333 kcal


of which saturated fat

1,5 g

0,3 g


of which sugars

76,9 g

33 g


8,1 g


0,002 g

The salt content is due to naturally occurring sodium.