Christmas tree ornaments – set 5 in 1

5 pcs. ornaments 7 x 8 cm

Honey-dough Christmas tree ornaments are certain to embellish pristine family evenings.

Handmade Christmas ornaments stay more than 30 years on a dry place.

Set includes: Christmas tree, Star, Horse, Snowflake and Candy cane.

29,99  24,99 

Little mementos that are sure to win anyone’s heart.

Traditional Slovenian

A honeybread heart with a little mirror, some meaningful verse, and a special message is a true ethnographic treasure of this wonderful country. Therefore, the question logically arises: what is a more beautiful and authentic gift from Slovenia?

The procedure has been a family secret for over 250 years

The honeybread products are made according to unique production procedures we have learnt from our ancestors. They are made from a special honey dough that, if kept in a dry place, can last over 50 years.

Handmade with love

From the first to the last production phase, these colourful honeybread hearts, decorated with special ethnological ornaments, are made by the dedicated, skilful and diligent hands of the Pergers. Nature is close to us, that’s why we decorate the honeybread hearts using all-natural dyes made from beetroot, turmeric, chlorophyll and young nettle.

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